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Sforzie's NaNoWriMo Journal

Another year, another vampire novel...


Sforzie's NaNoWriMo History
Year Won? Wordcount Title(s)
2016 WINNER! 50,187 TVS: Gaze Upon the Heavens
2015 WINNER! 120,021 TVS: Blue
2014 WINNER! 50,423 TVS: Traitor
2013 . 50,305 TVS: The Darkness at Dawn
. 50,554 TVS: Second Flight
WINNER! 100,859 2013 total
2012 . 51,853 Last Hotel at the Edge of the Void
. 152,450 The Vampire's Side
WINNER! 204,303 2012 total
2011 WINNER! 124,806 TVS: Smitten Bitten
2010 . 88,303 Demonic Boppu: The Holy War
? 82,082 DB: Destiny of the Dragons
WINNER! 170,385 2010 total
2009 WINNER! 180,063 The Moonflower Chorus
2008 WINNER! 57,457 To Silvermoon, With Love
2007 WINNER! 73,300 (Un)Holy Light
2006 WINNER! 101,128 The Code
2005   58,242 The Vampire's Side: Virus
    93,456 Cursed My Name
    50,107 The Vampire's Side: Esuna
  WINNER! 201,805 total
2004 WINNER! 93,325 The Vampire's Side
[Of Love and the End of the World]

Please note: While various ramblings and prompts will be open for
everyone to view, the NaNoWriMo novels will all be locked when posted, and can
be viewed by FRIENDS ONLY.

So... if you want to read any of it, just friend the journal, and let me know
you did. (This step is important, as I am scatterbrained and might not notice
immediately.) Then I'll friend you back, and all will be happy.