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NaNoWriMo 2008

And, I'm back! I know last year I kind of didn't post my NaNo-novel. I did write it, and I finished it, but I didn't post it. This is primarily due to the somewhat sensitive... (Read: pr0n) ...nature of some parts of the novel. I will probably eventually post it *somewhere*, but not here. 
This year I will probably post my NaNo-novel while I write it. What am I writing this year? Er... I'm writing a World of Warcraft fan fiction. Featuring draenei and blood elves and whatnot. So! If you want to be added to the friends list to be able to read that, then just post a reply here. I'll be happy to add you to the party.

Still here...

Yes, I'm writing. I've just been too lazy and somewhat apathetic about the whole thing, so I haven't posted anything yet.

I will hopefully get off my lazy butt and post the first few chunks of the story tomorrow. (It's not really very interesting until a certain point. But oh well.) 30k words and I've only covered 150 years of story... (Currently at 1503, about to skip forward to 1569.) >_> I'll just now today be getting to when Doc is introduced in the story. Fun!

Writing prompt: October 16th

writing prompt 10/16: dive
time: 5 min
words: 329
Just the thoughts of a very old random vampire. Would be taking place sometime around 2100 A.D.

DiveCollapse )

Writing Prompt: Oct 15th

writing prompt 10/15: ink
time: 5 min
words: 282
Meet two of Ernte's girlsCollapse )

Writing prompt, Oct 12th

writing prompt 10/12: color
time: just over 5 min
words: 318

zomg... science!Collapse )

Prompt, October 11th

writing prompt: 10/11: exchange
time: 5 min
words: 301

under the cutCollapse )

word prompt October 9th

time: 5 min
words: 258
the prompt is CAKECollapse )

Word Prompt: Oct 8th

time: 6 min
words: 306
prompt: monkeyCollapse )

Writing Prompt: Oct 7th

Yes, it's that time of year again...
Prompt time! XD
Tonight's prompt: Elbows
278 words under the cutCollapse )
(Don't worry, this'll probably be the last posting for this year.)

For your browsing convience, here's a listing of all four novels relating to Honey Mustard/The Vampire's Side. It's a quick link entry to all the quick link entries. Whee. Remember, all story entries are friendslocked.

The Vampire's Side [ Link ] 
also as: The Vampire's Side of Love and the End of the World
Written: November 1st-30th, 2004
Words: 93,325
Length: 26 chapters, epilogue

The Vampire's Side: Virus [ Link ]
Written: November 1st-14th, 2005
Words: 58,242
Length: 17 chapters, epilogue
The Vampire's Side: Esuna [ Link ]
Written: November 14-29th, 2005
Words: 50,107
Length: 12 chapters, epilogue

Cursed My Name [ Link ] 
Written: November 1st-27th, 2005
Words: 93,456
Length: 25 chapters

Feel free to leave comments, whatnots, and stuffed animals. I hope you enjoy reading my stories about silly gay vampires as much as I enjoyed writing them. (I might write more. We'll see.)
Note: If I ever get around to publishing all this anywhere, I'll let you all know. (Also, the stories will no longer be available online if that ever happens. But I'm lazy, so don't worry.)